Personality – the missing piece to a successful hybrid work environment

These days you cannot read an article about the pandemic’s impact on the corporate landscape without the term “blended or hybrid workplace” being mentioned – usually associated with these conversations are words like curiosity, flexibility, empathy and collaboration.


We believe this hybrid idea, while exciting, cannot be a one size fits all solution – why? Because not all of us are curious, flexible, empathetic and collaborative. Some of us are competitive, logical and highly practical while others are cautious and structured. We cannot create a “back to work” hybrid solution without answering the question of bias… are we setting some up to thrive while others are destined to become collateral damage of the hybrid experiment?


You can’t talk hybrid without talking personality.


The better your people understand themselves and each other the more successful a hybrid transition will be. Leaders need clarity on how to leverage their people’s strengths and provide support and training around blind spots, The key is to put self-awareness at the centre of your hybrid plan:


1. Lead with self-knowledge:

Equip your people with tools that can help them increase their awareness of natural preferences and strengths as well as their behaviours and reactions when put under pressure. Increased self-awareness leads to more effective regulation, healthier boundaries and more constructive communication.




Try this Lumina Learning psychometric assessment to get a better understanding of you and your teams whole personality, communication preferences and stress triggers.


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2. Value diversity:

High-performing organisations leverage the differences of their people through recognising and appreciating their various perspectives and skills. How can you use this diversity of personality to strengthen your hybrid plan?


3. Focus on building rapport:

Enhance the connection of your teams by encouraging them to understand each other’s preferred communication styles and way of being. This minimises negative assumptions and increases productivity and engagement.


4. Co-create results:

Develop your new blended workplace models and associated training programs according to real-time feedback you receive from your employees on what will and won’t work for them. Collaboration is key to creating effective, forward thinking and decision-making that celebrates people and uses the uniqueness of each, as its foundation.


The rewriting has begun.


With a focus on building an employee-led operating model, that empowers employees to be part of the solution and uses personality as the foundation, we have a unique opportunity to create a dynamic and effective workplace that far exceeds old models in both productivity and personal well-being. A workplace that engages, inspires and works for everyone.


Lauren Turner heads up Strategy and Growth for Lumina Learning South Africa with a focus on supporting corporates to cultivate an environment where the balance between empathy and productivity can be maintained through increased self awareness, effective leadership and team cohesion. Follow her on LinkedIn at Lauren Turner.


Jessica Basch is a marketing coordinator at Lumina Learning South Africa specialising in workplace trends and discourse. Her content revolves around personal development, team effectiveness, burnout, leadership essentials and remote/hybrid solutions. Follow her work on LinkedIn at Lumina Learning South Africa.


Need help with your hybrid transition? Lumina Learning South Africa offers innovative personalised development and selection solutions for individuals, teams, and organisations. Their advanced psychometrics empower people with actionable skills and mindset needed for teams and organisations to succeed. Their next-generation tools and practitioners create long-term, impactful change by accelerating collaboration, increasing creativity, problem-solving and communication as well as reducing company costs. Follow them on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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